Coaching or Training?

Vern Gambetta has a post titled “Are you coaching them or training them?” Gambetta wrote: Those who are training the athletes are counting reps, looking at the stopwatch and shouting out times. Those who are coaching are closely observing the athlete, commenting on technique, encouraging and correcting. You can teach a anyone to yell out times Read more about Coaching or Training?[…]

Limiting players or developing players

In a discussion in another forum, some coaches have disagreed with my opinions and believe that a coach’s job is to limit players. In response to a question about one-foot or two-feet lay-ups, I responded: It depends on the situation. Where is the defense? What is the offensive player’s advantage? What is the defender’s advantage? Read more about Limiting players or developing players[…]

Creating the idea

The mark of a great coach is sustained success. Success often breeds success, so once you win, it makes it easier. 8th graders enroll at the high school with the most success, so it continues to feature the best players. Colleges recruit based on success, as the more successful programs have a better chance to Read more about Creating the idea[…]

Coaching talent and management strategies

I started to brainstorm this post after reading the article “Success Can Make You Stupid” in Fast Company. This morning, I visited Vern Gambetta’s blog and he had written this:

If you are a sport coach it is good to have some exposure to the game as a player at some level. With professional baseball the pedigree they often look for is someone who has played Major League baseball, this results in severe inbreeding bordering on incest. It allows little creativity or innovation. I think Bill Belichick is the coach he is because he did not play pro football.