Elite Soccer as a Means to Teach Offensive Basketball

Many people overlook the similarities between invasion games like lacrosse, hockey, basketball and soccer. However, watch the series of passes and tactical skills which lead to Arsenal’s Sam Nasri’s goal against Manchester United (video has been floating around on twitter thanks to Clarence Gaines and Steve Nash, among others). The series uses many of the Read more about Elite Soccer as a Means to Teach Offensive Basketball[…]

Offensive Basketball: Disorganizing the Defense

Last winter, I published Developing Basketball Intelligence, which aims to teach players how to play the game, see the floor and make better decisions with the basketball. Last summer, I started the Playmakers Basketball Development League which features league-play based around these concepts and creates a learning environment for game play, not just a competitive Read more about Offensive Basketball: Disorganizing the Defense[…]

Avoid the Fast Track to Youth Sports’ Burnout

Originally published in Los Angeles Sports & Fitness, March/April 2009. This week, I looked at the roster for a Division I women’s program to check on a player that I had watched in high school. She was no longer on the roster. I emailed a high school coach and asked about the girl, and he Read more about Avoid the Fast Track to Youth Sports’ Burnout[…]

Coaches & Parents Working Together for Youth Sports

This week, I attended a mandatory coach certification meeting (lecture) for the local school district. The presenter was the athletic director and softball coach at a local high school with years of experience. The nugget of wisdom from those years of experience that he shared with the coaches – really the only time he deviated Read more about Coaches & Parents Working Together for Youth Sports[…]

Learn More by Making More Mistakes

I read a quote by Piggy Lambert, John Wooden’s coach at Purdue University, that said, “The team who makes the most mistakes will win the game. Doers make mistakes, and I want doers on my team.” Many coaches scoff at the comment or attempt to rationalize it, as everyone knows that making mistakes leads to Read more about Learn More by Making More Mistakes[…]

Motivational Traits of Elite Performers

Dr. Craig Stewart, a professor at the University of Montana, sent an article titled “Motivational Traits of Elite Young Soccer Players.” In the paper, older players scored higher than younger players in their motivation to avoid failure. The article states: It has been determined that players who seek to avoid failure will avoid achievement-oriented behavior, Read more about Motivational Traits of Elite Performers[…]

Play and Intrinsic Motivation

In The Power of Mindful Learning, Ellen J. Langer tells the story of her friend: A writer friend of mine was trying to concentrate on writing when some school-age children started up a hilarious, noisy game below his window. He asked them to leave. Since he was breaking up what clearly seemed a delightful scene, Read more about Play and Intrinsic Motivation[…]

The Ins and Outs of Motivation

Article originally appeared in Los Angeles Sports & Fitness, November/December 2009. In the summer of 2002, I worked the Stanford University women’s basketball camp. In 2002, the And1 Mix-Tapes were nearing the height of their popularity. At the camp, a couple girls saw me messing around and doing some ball-handling tricks during the first break. Read more about The Ins and Outs of Motivation[…]

Coaching is just Running Plays, Right?

On socalhoops.com, I saw this post from a Southern California coaching association: SCIBCA Fall Coaches Symposium 9:45-10:00am Presentation from Officials Association on New Rules 10:00-10:15am CIF Power Point explaining Playoff Divisional Structure 10:20-10:45am Break Out Session #1: Man Offense, Set Plays, Out of Bounds 10:50-11:15am Break Out Session #2: Zone Offense, Set Plays, Out of Read more about Coaching is just Running Plays, Right?[…]