Phil Jackson and Servant Leadership in Coaching

In The Way of Adventure, Jeff Salz writes about his adventure travels throughout the world and the lessons that he learned and conveys to companies through his public speaking engagements. In one chapter, he talks about Servant Leadership and growing invisible as a leader: Leaders of successful expeditions gradually stop taking the lead and start Read more about Phil Jackson and Servant Leadership in Coaching[…]

Running Plays like the Indianapolis Colts

We played a game last weekend and our opponent spent more time setting up to run a set play than doing anything else. Players dribbled around, other players ran in circles and the coach grew increasingly frustrated. We managed to force a couple 30-second violations just by letting them try to run their own plays. Read more about Running Plays like the Indianapolis Colts[…]

Learning the Triangle Offense

Jonathan Abrams wrote a good article about Kurt Rambis instituting the Triangle Offense with the Minnesota Timberwolves. He writes: The triangle, created by the post, wing and corner players, revolves around seven guiding principles: the ball handler reading the defense; correct decisions based on the defense; penetration through a pass into the post; separation of Read more about Learning the Triangle Offense[…]

High School Basketball, Periodization & Player Development

The high school schedule is not designed to develop better basketball players. Intuitively, we have always known this: we lived by the adage, “Teams are made in the winter, players are made during the summer.” However, somewhere we lost sight of the difference between competition and training. I coach some relatively inexperienced high school players. Read more about High School Basketball, Periodization & Player Development[…]

Jeremy Lin & Fundamental Basketball

Four years ago, I watched the improbable upset, as Palo Alto High School and their star Jeremy Lin beat perennial power Mater Dei to win the California DII C.I.F. Championship. Now, thanks to some praise from Fran Fraschilla and a great article by Dana O’Neil, college basketball fans are learning about Lin, now a star Read more about Jeremy Lin & Fundamental Basketball[…]

Basketball Coaches Learning from Artists

What ultimately is the role of the coach? Is it to teach plays? Is it to win games? Is it to teach children to follow directions to pay attention to an authority figure? Is it to keep children in shape? When we imagine an athlete, what do we imagine? What do we want young athletes Read more about Basketball Coaches Learning from Artists[…]

Coaching & Leadership

In an article titled “Social Intelligence and the Biology of Leadership” in the Harvard Business Review, Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis introduce the idea of mirror neurons and their effect on leadership and communication. When we consciously or unconsciously detect someone else’s emotions through their actions, our mirror neurons reproduce those emotions. Collectively, these neurons Read more about Coaching & Leadership[…]

Basketball & Improv

In the December 2009 Los Angeles Magazine, Michael Mullen recounts his experiences learning improv comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade in Hollywood in an article titled “Get Me Outta Here!” During two passages, he captures the essence of great basketball as well: Improv…is about scenes and what is known as The Game. There’s a paradox Read more about Basketball & Improv[…]

The Fun and Games of Youth Sports

Last month, I wrote a post titled, “Should Youth Basketball Practices Be Fun?” On another site, a high school coach criticized the idea of fun, suggesting that fun was nice, but he wanted his players to improve and excel, and the two were mutually exclusive: one can either have fun or one can excel. This Read more about The Fun and Games of Youth Sports[…]