How to Improve Youth Basketball through Coaching

Everyone appears to have a solution to fix youth basketball and skill development. Some believe in the efficacy of a 24-hour second clock. As the thinking goes, players from Europe have better skills, and leagues in Europe use a 24-second clock, so therefore using a 24-second clock leads to better skills. Others want to eliminate Read more about How to Improve Youth Basketball through Coaching[…]

Playmakers Basketball Development League as Physical Education Curriculum

For someone who played and loved sports as a child, I never really liked my P.E. classes. P.E. classes never seemed like real sports. Apparently, I am not alone. In an article titled “Student Activity Levels During a Season of Sport Education,” Peter A. Hastie and Stewart G. Trost write (Pediatric Exercise Science, 2002): Sidentop Read more about Playmakers Basketball Development League as Physical Education Curriculum[…]

Did Efficiency Statistics Kill the Mid-Range Jump Shot?

Every season, a coach or NBA analyst publicly bemoans the lost art of the mid-range jump shot. I never understand the argument, as a mid-range jump shot is typically a lower percentage shot than a three-pointer, the shot typically vilified by the argument (we’re arguing, of course, about players old and strong enough to shoot Read more about Did Efficiency Statistics Kill the Mid-Range Jump Shot?[…]

Teaching the Overlooked Skills

An ESPN ScortsCenter’s top play last night was this goal by FC Bayern’s Thomas Mueller’s goal: Watch the goal again. Everyone notices the skill of the shot. It is an amazing strike with an incredible degree of difficulty. However, the goal is only possible because of what Mueller does before beginning his strike while the Read more about Teaching the Overlooked Skills[…]

Does not Keeping Score Solve Anything?

I turned on Two-and-a-Half-Men tonight, and the episode featured Jake playing soccer. Charlie sat down next to a mother at a game and said, “Where do you stand on this not keeping score thing?” The mother answered, “I think it’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of.” In the next scene, Jake walks into their Read more about Does not Keeping Score Solve Anything?[…]

Parents’ and Players’ Concept of Competitiveness

My friend coached in a local recreation league for seven and eight-year-olds. The league had a try-out day and then the coaches selected their teams. The day after the “draft,” eight players signed up together; the league put them together on one team. As it turned out, they were the “all-stars” from the previous season. Read more about Parents’ and Players’ Concept of Competitiveness[…]

Learning from NFL Coaches

Coaching in the NFL and coaching youth basketball differ in innumerable ways. However, a youth coach can learn from players’ comments about the best coaches in the NFL. Sporting News recently rated the NFL coaches and asked a player to comment on his coach and his position in the rankings. What types of characteristics and Read more about Learning from NFL Coaches[…]