Youth Leagues: Director of Coaching Development

Last month, I suggested one way that a youth organization could raise the funds to pay someone to nurture, develop, assist and train volunteer coaches. I speak to organizations on a regular basis, and most acknowledge a need to offer coaches more assistance, but then they rattle off the excuses as to why they cannot improve the coaching in their organization. […]

Movement Skills and Injury Prevention

Originally published in Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletter 5.22

Preventing or limiting injuries is one of the primary goals of strength and sports coaches. When a player is injured, he or she cannot help the team. The problem is often the lack of sophisticated, practical knowledge in terms of evaluating movement that can help spot a potential injury before it becomes a reality. […]

Coaching and Mistakes

In youth sports, the way that a coach deals with mistakes is one of the great differentiating factors between coaches. Some view mistakes as something to eliminate; others view mistakes as part of the learning process, and an essential step, especially for young players. The coach’s viewpoint informs his coaching style and his or her communication with the players. […]