Train like a Pro

Originally published in Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletter, Vol. 6

On another coaching forum, a post read (edited for brevity): “Brett Brown of the 76ers said that while it’s not uncommon for an NBA player to dramatically improve their shooting after they enter the league, very few seem to significantly improve their ballhandling. It seems to be a skill that players learn young or not at all.” I do not know if this is true, but I do not work with NBA players so I will take his word for it. […]

Common coaching behaviors to correct

The hardest thing about refereeing high-school soccer is divesting the coach in me. Every game, I want to help a player(s) because I see something that would help their performance. I am not a soccer expert, and my desire to help rarely centers on a soccer-specific tactic or skill. Instead, despite the difference in sports, coaching mental aspects of the game vary very little.  […]