Season Plan: What’s Your Plan For You

Our basketball season will officially begin with tryouts 11/2.  Everyday I have dedicated time to planning tryouts, our weekly practice schedule as well as the admin. tasks that no one likes doing such as ordering items and planning fundraisers.  However, this year I have also completed a Season Health plan for myself.  I got the idea Read more about Season Plan: What’s Your Plan For You[…]

Learning vs. following directions

In an historical context, our sports system grew out of our school system ,which was designed to produce workers for the industrial revolution. Consequently, our school system is designed to produce students who follow directions and can recite answers back to a teacher as the teacher said them, but who may not excel at creating new things or synthesizing multiple ideas, or explaining the answer with a different analogy.  […]

Movers to athletes to specialists

Originally published in Los Angeles Sports & Fitness, October 2015.

As their 13-year-old daughters played in their first soccer game of the spring season, the mothers discussed their dedication to their children, and their children’s dedication to the game. One mother spoke about her older daughter, a high-school sophomore, who missed the fall soccer season because of knee surgery. This caught my attention, and I scanned the field: Four of the 22 players – 12 and 13 years old – on the field wore bulky knee braces indicative of some form of injury.  […]