August 23, 2009

Benefits of a FREE Coach Certification

The benefits of a coach education course and certification to an organization are:

  • A more consistent approach among coaches;
  • The development and implementation of a league-wide philosophy;
  • Quality control;
  • More prepared coaches.

Maloney Gym 2Most youth sports organizations rely on volunteer coaches, and the knowledge, preparation and coaching skills of these volunteers varies greatly.

The volunteer coach becomes the face of the organization for a player and parent. Often, the coach provides a great experience and the player and parent are very happy.

As an organization, how do you insure the same experience in the next season when the player has a different coach?

Occasionally, the player and parent are unhappy with their coach. How does the organization remedy the situation?

The best answer is a coach education course and certification. If all coaches meet minimum qualifications through a certification process, the organization knows that the coach understands the basics of the game and the basics of coaching.

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