Fundamentals and Footwork: What are we really teaching?

I am skeptical that USA¬†Basketball overtaking basketball administration and coach education in the United States is a positive, and this article on footwork that was sent to me has done nothing to alleviate my fears. My primary fear with mandatory coach education by a single institution was deciding who determined the skills to be taught, and if this article is indicative of the USA Basketball curriculum, it should not be USA Basketball. […]

Rajon Rondo’s Euro-Step

Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletter features a short article on the importance of finishing, and mentions the success of great and creative finishers like Rajon Rondo and Steve Nash in the 2010 NBA Play-offs. Here is an example of Rondo using the Euro-Step against the Cavs: Originally published in Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletter, Volume 4. For Read more about Rajon Rondo’s Euro-Step[…]

Stephen Curry’s Dream Shake (aka The Rondo)

Golden State’s Stephen Curry is already one of the NBA’s most creative players. Here is the video of one of his moves which is getting a lot of publicity. I have heard this move called the “Steve Nash Hook” and the “Duck Under.” Now, the play has been branded the “Dream Shake,” the “Show-and-Go,” and Read more about Stephen Curry’s Dream Shake (aka The Rondo)[…]

Tyreke Evans’ Game-Winning Stride-Stop Fade Away

Last week, the Sacramento Kings’ Tyreke Evans hit another game-winning shot, this time against the Denver Nuggets. In this case, he attacked Denver’s Kenyon Martin with his left hand, stopped and hit a fade-away shot. I teach this finishing move. However, rather than shoot the fade away, we make the front pivot into a hook Read more about Tyreke Evans’ Game-Winning Stride-Stop Fade Away[…]

Tyreke Evans’ Game-Winning Euro-Step Move

The Sacramento Kings’ Tyreke Evans beat the Milwaukee Bucks with a game-winning lay-up around 7’0 center Andrew Bogut. The play started with a hand-off at the top which forced the switch. Then, Evans attacked the bigger player, putting Bogut on his heels. The step-step move gained popularity with Manu Ginobili, and many people now teach Read more about Tyreke Evans’ Game-Winning Euro-Step Move[…]

Improving Offensive Footwork: Extension Lay-up Drill

In youth basketball, coaches should utilize a variety of lay-up drills that focus on different things, such as speed lay-ups, contested lay-ups and bad angle lay-ups because lay-ups determine the outcome of games. The following is a half-court lay-up drill focused on footwork, finishing with both hands and utilizing a good first step to minimize dribbles and maximize offensive efficiency.

The drill is simple. Each player makes three of each kind of lay-up before switching to the left side (a total of 24 lay-ups in the entire drill). Every lay-up starts on the wing at the three-point line, free throw line extended. As the previous player goes, players spin the ball and catch on a one-count or jump stop with knees bent and butt low. Each move uses only one dribble and three steps. Players must learn to extend with the dribble on their first step. […]