My 2016 Reading List

In the tradition of lists from 2014 and 2015, here is my reading list for 2016.

The year started with the publication of my latest book, 21st Century Guide to Individual Skill Development. I tired of writing basketball/coaching books and decided to take a stab at fiction. I have written most of a pilot for a TV show, a reality TV show proposal, a documentary proposal, and have worked as a writer and researcher on another documentary. I also started an additional screenplay and a novel, in addition to beginning  another instructional book. Consequently, I read more fiction and books on writing than I did basketball, strength & conditioning, or training books. […]

My 2015 Reading List

Last year, I produced a list of the best books that I read in 2014, inspired by Verb Gambetta, and throughout the year, I have been asked for book recommendations (Of course, my first recommendations are the four books that I wrote in 2015: Fake Fundamentals, SABA: The Antifragile Offense, Fake Fundamentals Volume 2, and 21st Century Guide to Individual Skill Development). This year, I decided to publish the list prematurely in the event that people needed a Christmas present for their favorite coach, parent of an athlete, or athlete. […]

My 2014 Reading List

Inspired by Vern Gambetta, I decided to put together a link of the relevant books that I read throughout 2014. Because I spent the first half of the year making five-hour bus trips for games nearly every Saturday, I had a chance to read a decent number of books this year (although nothing like Coach Gambetta), many of which contributed to my free weekly newsletter. The list is loosely in the order in which I recommend the books to a coach, although everyone’s interests differ. Enjoy. […]

The 21st Century Basketball Practice

21st Century Front Cover

The game of basketball has evolved over the last generation, but basketball practices have changed very little during my 30 years in the game as a player, coach, clinician, and consultant. Today’s game more closely resembles the game that we played on the playground than the one that we were taught in practices. The 21st Century Basketball Practice is an attempt to modernize the youth and high-school basketball and catch up to the evolution of the game. […]

Press Release: The 21st Century Basketball Practice

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Brian McCormick, (916) 628-5134 Email: PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL COACH WRITES THE BOOK ON BASKETBALL PRACTICE “Tremendous amounts of learning occurred on the playgrounds and during pickup games for people of a certain generation, and players today often miss this learning to attend organized practices or sessions with a skill trainer. The 21st Read more about Press Release: The 21st Century Basketball Practice[…]

Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletter, Vol. 4 Links

Issue 2 How to Juggle Issue 3 Woodward focuses on ‘extra 1%’ with enlistment of vision expert from World Cup staff Tyreke Evans’ Euro-Step Tyreke Evans’ Stride-Stop Issue 4 Long-term Athlete Development: Trainability in childhood and adolescence, windows of opportunity, optimal trainability Finishing what he starts – Brooks gets tricky to score around much bigger players Read more about Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletter, Vol. 4 Links[…]