August 9, 2009


A recent study found that fewer than 5% of volunteer coaches have any type of training, even though the coach greatly impacts a player’s experience.

An organization or league can provide a great facility, new uniforms, plenty of practice time and great management, but nothing affects the player’s experience like his or her coach.

Why do kids quit youth sports?

  • Practice is boring (too many drills)
  • Emotional stress from excessive performance demands (too focused on winning too early)
  • Feelings of constant failure, typically due to negative coaching
  • Not playing enough

All four issues directly relate to the coach’s effectiveness. Therefore, an organization’s success depends on each and every coach.

The Youth Basketball Coaches Association Level I certification course is a FREE online program that covers basic individual and team skills as well as sports psychology, motivation, learning, communication and practice planning.

yth game huddle2Level I  is targeted for new and volunteer coaches working with elementary and junior high school players and designed so coaches can work at their pace on their schedule.

The certification course and accompanying web site and forum provide a resource for coaches to learn, ask questions and seek additional advice.

Register a League or Organization

The YBCA goal is to create an easy-to-use platform to assist organizations and leagues in their efforts to provide great programming for youth athletes, and to help coaches learn more about the coaching process to assist their efforts to provide a great environment for all players.

When you register, your organization will be listed with other organizations that support the Youth Basketball Coaches Association.

When a coach within your organization completes the course and passes the test, you will receive an email notifying you with the coach’s name and team name (if applicable) for your records.

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