November 2, 2009


To move with the ball without traveling, you bounce the ball, which is referred to as “dribbling.”

    • Use your fingers pads and calluses to dribble.
    • Pound the ball: extend from the elbow, not just the wrist and follow through on the dribble.
    • Hand stays on top of the ball.
    • Eyes up: practice with proper body posture – athletic stance with eyes and chest up to see the floor.

Protect Dribble

    • Turn perpendicular to your defender to use the width of your body to protect the ball.
    • Use a wide stance and an arm bar with your inside hand.
    • Dribble the ball low (mid-thigh) and near the back foot.
    • Put chin to the inside shoulder to keep eyes up the court.

Speed Dribble

    • Use the speed dribble in the open court to go from Point A to Point B as fast as possible.
    • Dribble the ball waist-high.
    • Push the ball out in front and cover as much distance as possible on each dribble.
    • Eyes up to see the floor.

Control Dribble

    • As you near a defender, lower your body posture and the ball’s height.
    • Pound the ball and keep the ball’s height below your mid-thigh.
    • Keep the ball directly in front of your feet rather than pushing the ball out in front.
    • Keep chest and eyes up to see the floor.


    • Dribble the ball low (knee level) and snap the ball across the body.

    • Bounce the ball toward the foot in the direction of your drive. Your hand should be on the side of the ball, not directly on top. Your palm should face the middle of your body.
    • Change directions by planting and pushing off the outside foot; when crossing over from right to left, plant on the right foot.
    • Receive the dribble at knee height.

Space Dribble and the Pullback Crossover

    • Use to create space from the defensive player and square shoulders to the basket.
    • Stop in a protect dribble stance, using the width of your body to protect the ball.
    • Push off your inside (front) foot and shuffle backward for one to two dribbles.

    • As you retreat, evaluate your defender; if he grants the space, square shoulders to the court and make a move or pass; if he tries to close the distance, cross over and attack his momentum.

In-and-Out Move/Fake Crossover

    • Use to fake a crossover and continue a straight line drive.
    • With hand on top of the ball, make a “C” with the ball – on the downward flight of the ball, bring the ball toward the middle of your body and then push it to the outside.
    • Use your body to accentuate the fake – body and ball move together.



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