Tag Ball Passing Drill

One skill that I am trying to emphasize with our players is to make faster decisions, to anticipate the next play. Our speed of play is too slow, and as I wrote, it is often due to the speed of thought. In this game, rather than steal the pass, the defense has to tag the player with the ball. This is only the second time that we played the game. In the top video, the offense has a three-person advantage (yellow and red); in the bottom video, the offense has a one-person advantage (yellow). Thus far, with this age, I think a two-person advantage works best, but we had 11 players at the workout.

The objective is to teach players to find the most open player, not just a player who can receive the pass. The secondary objective is to put a time constraint on the players, so they adapt to a greater stress. The goal is for the game to slow down for players as they adapt, so the players make faster and more accurate decisions, and our speed of play gets faster.

Three-person advantage:

One-person advantage:

This is based on a drill that I picked up from a Renato Pasquali (Technical Director, Canada Basketball) DVD. Not sure how faithful it is to his drill.

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