The Intellectual and Moral Virtue of Coaching Basketball

Last week, I saw Shop Class as Soulcraft recommended for incoming college students. As I prepare to re-enter academia, I picked up a copy.¬†Author, philosopher and motorcycle mechanic Matthew Crawford includes an extended excerpt from Robert Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. The excerpt starts with Pirsig taking his motorcycle to a shop. Read more about The Intellectual and Moral Virtue of Coaching Basketball[…]

Parenting through the Athletic Process

When I was a child, parenting a wannabe athlete was much easier: in the fall, I played soccer for the club affiliated with my church; in winter, I played basketball for my school; in spring, I played Little League at the league five minutes from my house; and, during the summer, I was fortunate to Read more about Parenting through the Athletic Process[…]