The Art of Coaching

“Bruce had a fine line to tread. He had to teach me to be more disciplined without dampening my love for chess or suppressing my natural voice. Many teachers have no feel for this balance and try to force their students into cookie-cutter molds. I have run into quite a few egomaniacal instructors like this over the years and have come to believe that their method is profoundly destructive for students in the long run.” – Josh Waitzkin, The Art of Learning (p. 9) […]

Basketball Coach Development: The Stages of a Coach’s Career

Patrick Hunt is the Head Coach of the National Intensive Training Center Program at the Australian Institute of Sport. In Developing Sport Expertise by Damian Farrow, Joe Baker and Clare McMahon, Hunt describes the stages of a coach’s career: Beginning Coach Looking for textbook drills Looks for textbook plays Intermediate Coach Developing acceptable standards of Read more about Basketball Coach Development: The Stages of a Coach’s Career[…]