The problem with using an empowerment coaching style

I use an empowerment coaching style, which means that I strive to¬†create opportunities for the players to develop autonomy and build ownership in their learning, development and success in sports settings (Kidman, 2001). To develop autonomy and build ownership, I ask questions and involve the players in many¬†decisions, on and off the court. […]

Is Basketball Practice Work or Fun?

When I talk to youth and high school basketball coaches, many seem to make practice intentionally not fun. To most, fun and work are opposites, and practice must be work to prepare for games and develop players’ skills. In Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind, he quotes British management scholar David Collinson about the work Read more about Is Basketball Practice Work or Fun?[…]

Coaching Style or System of Play

Last week, while in Vancouver, British Columbia, the conversation turned to a very successful small college coach and his system of play. This coach employs the “Grinnell system” and is convinced that players love to play in the system. Many coaches believe the same thing about the Dribble-Drive-Motion: players today only like to dunk and Read more about Coaching Style or System of Play[…]