Offseason Practice and Shooting

For many players, the offseason is the time to improve one’s shooting or make major modifications to one’s shot. Of course, as I have noted recently, high-school players may not have a true offseason, which could limit this practice, and shooting improvement can arise from means other than practicing more or changing one’s technique.  […]

Motivating Players through Empowerment

Chris Ballard penned an article titled “The Hoops Whisperer” in the October 26, 2009 Sports Illustrated about basketball trainer Idan Ravin. In it, Ballard writes: “Failure to understand a player’s psyche is a flaw Ravin sees in the disciplinarian style of some coaches. Rather than empowering a player, they strip him of his authority. ‘At Read more about Motivating Players through Empowerment[…]

Coaching Youth Basketball in the 21st Century

John Kessell of USA Volleyball wrote a compelling article about coaches and their self-improvement titled “We Coach the Way We Were Coached.“ Well intentioned and even trained coaches enter gyms all over America, and train their athletes the way they were trained.  That the science of sport – of biomechanics and motor learning and other Read more about Coaching Youth Basketball in the 21st Century[…]