Coaching Basketball and Innovation

USA Volleyball’s John Kessel’s article “We Coach the Way We Were Coached” questions the standard volleyball practice. As a Kessel fan, I used the thoughts last season when I coached volleyball, and some players and the Athletic Director/Girls’ Volleyball Coach acted as though I had no clue. After reading the article, I found Dan Pink’s blog Read more about Coaching Basketball and Innovation[…]

Motivating Players through Empowerment

Chris Ballard penned an article titled “The Hoops Whisperer” in the October 26, 2009 Sports Illustrated about basketball trainer Idan Ravin. In it, Ballard writes: “Failure to understand a player’s psyche is a flaw Ravin sees in the disciplinarian style of some coaches. Rather than empowering a player, they strip him of his authority. ‘At Read more about Motivating Players through Empowerment[…]