Why coach education falls short

This is a coach education web site. I just returned from 3 weeks of training coaches in Africa. I, more than anyone, should believe in the power of coach education. However, when people view a national coach education program as a means to transform basketball in the United States, I believe that such an approach will fall short, and not just because a complete transformation is an outrageously lofty goal.  […]

How much of a coach’s job is player development?

The April 19th ESPN the Magazine features an interesting question and answer with Stuart Scott in relation to former University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow: Alex [Japan]: But why wasn’t his [Tebow’s] motion fixed at Florida? Stuart: Did it need to be fixed? He won a Heisman and two titles there. Maybe he’s not NFL Read more about How much of a coach’s job is player development?[…]

Winning and Losing and Player Development

One issue with developing young players is the emphasis placed on winning by coaches and parents. In a rush to perform, players sometimes sacrifice the process. But you can count Nick Bollettieri, the man who may have done more to bring about the demise of serve and volley than anyone, as a believer in its Read more about Winning and Losing and Player Development[…]

Burnout and Long-Term Player Development

Cross Over: The New Model of Youth Basketball Development presents a gradual four-stage progression for player development over a period of years. The book outlines an alternative to the early specialization, game-heavy model used by most youth leagues and programs. In Massachusetts, youth hockey organizations are making changes similar to those outlined in Cross Over. Read more about Burnout and Long-Term Player Development[…]

Developing Young Athletes for the Long Term

Originally published in the Jan/Feb. 2010 Long Angeles Sports & Fitness. A representative from a nation’s basketball federation inquired about my interest in the position of the federation’s Technical Director. During the conversation, he stressed the importance of understanding Canada’s development model. While unfathomable to people in the United States, sports federations around the world Read more about Developing Young Athletes for the Long Term[…]