The 21st Century Basketball Practice

21st Century Front Cover

The game of basketball has evolved over the last generation, but basketball practices have changed very little during my 30 years in the game as a player, coach, clinician, and consultant. Today’s game more closely resembles the game that we played on the playground than the one that we were taught in practices. The 21st Century Basketball Practice is an attempt to modernize the youth and high-school basketball and catch up to the evolution of the game. […]

Press Release: The 21st Century Basketball Practice

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Brian McCormick, (916) 628-5134 Email: PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL COACH WRITES THE BOOK ON BASKETBALL PRACTICE “Tremendous amounts of learning occurred on the playgrounds and during pickup games for people of a certain generation, and players today often miss this learning to attend organized practices or sessions with a skill trainer. The 21st Read more about Press Release: The 21st Century Basketball Practice[…]

Coaching Frosh Basketball 2.0 – Week 10

Our game schedule for the rest of the season is Monday and Wednesday due to the schedules of the other teams. It is far from an ideal schedule, but it is what it is. We do not have a league, but we play three other schools three times each, so it is like a mini-league. Monday was the first of the games in this mini-league.  […]

Coaching Frosh Basketball 2.0 – Week 7

This was kind of a wasted week. Monday was the football banquet, so we had only seven players at practice, roughly half of the team. Then we played two games. We practiced once after the games, though we don’t play again until January 7th, and then we went into the moratorium where we are not allowed to do anything for five days.


The perceptions and reality of playing time

I track wins and losses in every practice. On the day of a game, the first five on the cumulative leader board start the game, and number one on the list is our captain. From a continuity and competitive standpoint, it may not be the best way to decide on starters and captains, but I’ve rarely had a complaint in three seasons of using this method.  […]

Coaching Frosh Basketball 2.0 – Week 4

After five days off, we practiced again and prepared for a game against one of the tougher opponents that we will face during the season. Our play in the game was much improved from our first game, and the game was a fairly well-played, competitive freshmen game. Our opponent was well-coached and prepared, and a couple dumb breakdowns (talking on screens, boxing out on free throws, making free throws) came back to hurt us. We lost 48-44. We actually had the best official that I’ve ever had at the freshmen level, though his partner was doing his first game and didn’t know the rules. For the entire game, we were one or two plays away, but every time we made a big shot, they answered or we committed a foul to put them on the line and they took advantage. For the second game of the year with fewer than 10 practices, I was pretty happy with the way that we played and competed.  […]

Playing Time: Why Do You Deserve to Play?

After my last game, several players looked dejected. We have no shot clock, and games fly. I play 14 players per game while remaining somewhat competitive. It is hard. I know players are not playing as much as they want. They are not playing as much as I want them to play. But when a team holds the ball for 90 seconds running the Flex and refusing to shoot anything but a lay-up, the time moves pretty quickly.  […]

Coaching Frosh Basketball – Week 2

We lost our first game, and we did not look ready. We were down early, fought back, fell behind again, and fought back again, which hopefully gives us something to build upon. We did not shoot well and made plenty of mistakes, but we never gave up or put our heads down. Our primary weaknesses were transitioning to defense (they leaked out early), talking on screens, and boxing out. Offensively, game speed took us out of our comfort zone. Hopefully, getting the first game under our belts will increase the intensity and urgency at practice now that we have seen the expectations of high school players. […]