Real Life Recruiting Stories

I write this to inform coaches, parents, and players, not to complain or criticize, as I am very happy with the group that we have this season. Nevertheless, these are some behaviors and actions that cost players scholarships this spring. Maybe these players found better opportunities elsewhere, but I know at least two have not signed yet. […]

Skill development with professional youth coaches

I admit that being paid to be a youth or developmental basketball coach would be a dream job. I meet and hear about guys who have positions such as Director Coaching for youth soccer or lacrosse clubs, and I wish something like that exists for basketball. I once proposed a similar job to a large youth basketball organization, but it had no interest. […]

The growing disparity between good and bad in girls basketball

I picked up the USA Today featuring this week’s high school girls top 25 and looked though the scores. I focused primarily on the California schools, as those are the ones who I know the best. The scores are outrageous (I left out the names so as not to embarrass the losing teams): […]

Gatherers vs. teachers in youth basketball

While in Las Vegas, I met with some AAU coaches who called the programs who recruit to fill their needs “gatherers.” In the recent online arguments about AAU vs high school basketball, the true argument has centered on gatherers vs. teachers. The perception, especially on the high school side, is that high school coaches are teachers and ALL AAU/club coaches are gatherers.

Sneaker Wars and Basketball Development

Published previously as individual posts on an earlier version of my blog. Part I: Shoe Companies and their influence on basketball Nike, adidas and Reebok run the youth basketball development system in the United States, and the players and basketball suffer. “The players are better than ever,” says legendary hoops junkie Howard Garfinkel, watching from Read more about Sneaker Wars and Basketball Development[…]

Coaching a pro women’s team: The Damligan All-Star Game

Published by Full, February, 2003.

As a rookie coach who was never good as a player, this past weekend was my first taste of the “All-Star Experience.” It lacked the pomp and circumstance of the NBA All-Star weekend, but it was the highlight of my Swedish season, and the players had a great time as well.  […]