Research into defense, plyometrics, and small-sided games in basketball

I read on an Internet forum that I “make up my own studies” and publish them. I decided to post the links to the papers from my made-up studies to allow anyone interested to find them easily. While admittedly not from the most authoritative journals in kinesiology and exercise science, these are published in peer-reviewed journals. Links to the papers and abstracts appear below. […]

Basketball-Related Research: The Vertical Jump

I frequently¬†see trainers touting the Vertimax as the solution to all vertical jump problems. There are two issues: McClenton et al. (2008) compared depth-jump training to Vertimax training and found: Depth jump training twice weekly for 6 weeks is more beneficial than VertiMax jump training for increasing vertical jump height. Strength professionals should focus on Read more about Basketball-Related Research: The Vertical Jump[…]

Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletters, Volume 4 Links

Issue 2 How to Juggle Issue 3 Woodward focuses on ‘extra 1%’ with enlistment of vision expert from World Cup staff Tyreke Evans’ Euro-Step Tyreke Evans’ Stride-Stop Issue 4 Long-term Athlete Development: Trainability in childhood and adolescence, windows of opportunity, optimal trainability Finishing what he starts –¬†Brooks gets tricky to score around much bigger players Read more about Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletters, Volume 4 Links[…]