Recruiting and the Development of Tall Players

I spent this week watching the girls’ basketball state play-offs with an eye on evaluating players for the junior college where I work as a strength coach in the event that the basketball coaches ask for a second opinion. In debating the merits of various post players for a junior-college program, I returned to a persistent question that is relevant to coaches of all ages: Is the goal to win now or to develop players for long-term success? Here is how the question plays out: […]

Four Stages of Skill Acquisition

The following article originally appeared in Hard 2 Guard 2009 Player Development Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 37 and is included in Brian McCormick’s Player Development Newsletters, Volume 3. While running a clinic for an organization last weekend, the head coach reminded the group (and me) of the four stages of skill acquisition: * Unskilled, Unconscious Read more about Four Stages of Skill Acquisition[…]

Skill Acquisition and Drill Design

Each week, I write a free weekly newsletter which I send to thousands of subscribers. During the year, I interview experts with my own questions and share the interviews in the newsletters. In 2009, I interviewed a sports medicine specialist at one of the leading hospitals for ACL injury research; a popular strength & conditioning Read more about Skill Acquisition and Drill Design[…]