Participation, development, and gold medals

I wrote about this article once already, but I continue to see members of the USOC retweet and praise the article. The article essentially argued that the U.S. is failing in the Olympics, on a per capita basis, because of a lack of sports science and top-down control. Now, it would make sense that sports scientists and administrators within the USOC would retweet and support this argument, as it lends more credibility to their position, which may increase funding for their salaries and projects.


Elite Coaching Trends

The United States Olymic Committee published an article on elite coaching and its trends based on interviews with the various national team coaches (Olympic Coach Magazine, winter 2008). The article found that: experience overwhelmingly remains the major way that coaches develop a coaching style, followed by modeling or observing successful coaches. Those two methods alone Read more about Elite Coaching Trends[…]