Decision Making vs. Playmaking in Basketball

During my games this season, the player sitting next to me was treated to me saying “now, now, now” and “see him” many times. I said these statements far more than “no, no, no” or “that was a bad shot (pass)”. Our errors in decision-making were more often a non-action than the wrong action or improperly executed action. We missed players who were open more often than we forced passes into well-defended players or passed up open shots or lanes more often than we forced a bad, contested shot. […]

Coaching a pro women’s team: First Game

Originally published by Full Court Press Online in October 2002.

Ten Swedish women playing an American football game quarterbacked by their American coach succeeded in bringing the team together when other team-building activities had failed. Last weekend, the last before our season opener, the team traveled to the island’s other, more secluded side as opposed to the bustling city of 26,000 where we live, for a team-building retreat and to establish our season goals.  […]