Fundamentals and Footwork: What are we really teaching?

I am skeptical that USA Basketball overtaking basketball administration and coach education in the United States is a positive, and this article on footwork that was sent to me has done nothing to alleviate my fears. My primary fear with mandatory coach education by a single institution was deciding who determined the skills to be taught, and if this article is indicative of the USA Basketball curriculum, it should not be USA Basketball. […]

Using USA Basketball & iHoops to improve basketball development

For the better part of the last four years, I have read that Sonny Vaccaro or David Stern or Myles Brand or someone else is going to save youth basketball in the United States. Brand and Stern created iHoops, which is essentially a Facebook-like site for basketball, but has no real impact on changing the culture of grassroots basketball or enhancing player development. […]