What’s a game shot, really?

I saw this statement by an NBA scout in an article about the upcoming draft:

I’ll never forget Ray Allen telling a story. You have no idea how hard it is to attempt 20 shots in a game. Try to get 20 quality shots? It’s impossible, no way. When you are the featured player, you are defended differently. Your goal in a game should be getting something he called “free looks” on wide-open shots, and make six of them, knowing that the other 12 are going to be contested, and they are so fucking hard to make. You might go fucking 3-for-12 or 4-for-12, but if you go 6-for-8? OK, now you are 9-for-20 or 10-for-20, and you’re whole again. So, on the night, you are 3-8 on your free looks and then 3-for-12 on your contested ones, then you have those fucking horrible shooting nights.


Using the club system to develop a true feeder system

Last week, after watching some of the youth teams in the club play, I asked to organize a coach’s meeting. My purpose for the meeting was a desire to create a club philosophy. Within our club, coaches change almost every year, as most youth teams are coached by senior players. Therefore, there is little consistency from year to year, and the growth and development of the players appears slow and fragmented.  […]