Youth Leagues: Director of Coaching Development

Last month, I suggested one way that a youth organization could raise the funds to pay someone to nurture, develop, assist and train volunteer coaches. I speak to organizations on a regular basis, and most acknowledge a need to offer coaches more assistance, but then they rattle off the excuses as to why they cannot improve the coaching in their organization. […]

How to Improve Youth Basketball through Coaching

Everyone appears to have a solution to fix youth basketball and skill development. Some believe in the efficacy of a 24-hour second clock. As the thinking goes, players from Europe have better skills, and leagues in Europe use a 24-second clock, so therefore using a 24-second clock leads to better skills. Others want to eliminate Read more about How to Improve Youth Basketball through Coaching[…]

Parents’ and Players’ Concept of Competitiveness

My friend coached in a local recreation league for seven and eight-year-olds. The league had a try-out day and then the coaches selected their teams. The day after the “draft,” eight players signed up together; the league put them together on one team. As it turned out, they were the “all-stars” from the previous season. Read more about Parents’ and Players’ Concept of Competitiveness[…]