Who will coach your child?

Originally published in Los Angeles Sports & Fitness, June 2008

Parents ask about picking the right coach for their child. While the Internet provides information, most content is user generated and often anonymous, so posts are as much marketing as credible recommendations. Most parents lack the time or ability to watch several coaches and choose the best one. […]

Elite Coaching Trends

The United States Olymic Committee published an article on elite coaching and its trends based on interviews with the various national team coaches (Olympic Coach Magazine, winter 2008). The article found that: experience overwhelmingly remains the major way that coaches develop a coaching style, followed by modeling or observing successful coaches. Those two methods alone Read more about Elite Coaching Trends[…]

Curiosity as a coaching skill

From the latest issue of Fast Company: Michael Harvey, writing in the Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, identifies curiosity as a trait that “stimulates learning and, concurrently, increases the effectiveness of decision making and quality management…” Curious leaders excel at problem solving by intuitively filling gaps “between what one knows and what one wishes Read more about Curiosity as a coaching skill[…]

Six Ways to Become a Better Coach

I am a sports enthusiast; so I search and read information from other sports, especially track, soccer and tennis. I found this article on Elite Track: The Six Ways to Be a Better Coach 1. Educate your self in sports sciences. 2. Treat each athlete as an individual. 3. Think critically. 4. Be creative. 5. Read more about Six Ways to Become a Better Coach[…]