Coaching Frosh Basketball – Week 5

We dropped another game, but we looked better. We simply could not make a shot, and we could not stop our opponent’s best player who was the biggest, strongest, fastest player on the court and played point guard. It was a tough match-up. We should have done better, but we’re learning.  […]

Playing Time: Why Do You Deserve to Play?

After my last game, several players looked dejected. We have no shot clock, and games fly. I play 14 players per game while remaining somewhat competitive. It is hard. I know players are not playing as much as they want. They are not playing as much as I want them to play. But when a team holds the ball for 90 seconds running the Flex and refusing to shoot anything but a lay-up, the time moves pretty quickly.  […]

Coaching Frosh Basketball – Week 4

I just finished watching the UConn women play against Baylor. Unintentionally, our basic offense is similar to UConn’s. We look for pick-and-rolls a little more, and dribble hand-offs a little less, and we try to go to the low block a little more, but it is probably the closest example that I have seen this year thus far. I found this nugget, and I like his cue about the half-court circle. I plan to use that this week. The primary reason that I went to a two-guard front is to eliminate over-dribbling at the top. So far, that bogs down our offense, so this cue may help to get the ball moving more quickly. […]

A Generation of Wimps: The Product of Overparenting

Over the last two seasons, as a rash of college players have transferred away from coaches with very good reputations (Mike Montgomery, Ben Howland, Roy Williams, etc.) despite receiving plenty of playing time (Gary Franklin from Cal, Jabari Brown from Oregon, etc.), people have searched for answers. What is wrong with this generation? What is wrong with the coaches? What are the parents teaching these young adults? Why is this happening? (Note: I am not against all transfers; I advised a player who I used to train to transfer. However, the rash of transfers, taken as a whole, seems to ask larger questions). […]

Coaching Frosh Basketball – Week 3.5

Finals are finished, and we lost two more games. After reflecting on the first loss (I missed the second loss with a final), and the previous two games, we’re losing due to some little things. First, and foremost, my philosophy is hurting us right now. We lost to two teams that run the Flex and take advantage of the lack of a shot clock to run the offense over and over until a defender makes a mistake. Our offense is often disorganized. If we ran something like the Flex, we would probably fare better because players would know exactly what to do: pass, screen down, etc. I am more concerned with players learning to find spacing, learning to move in relation to the dribble, learning to run a pick-and-roll, etc. We have the outlines of an offense, but no true structure. This hurts us competitively right now because we have to learn to play with each other and read each other. It’s a process, and a slow learning process right now. […]

Coaching Frosh Basketball – Week 2

We lost our first game, and we did not look ready. We were down early, fought back, fell behind again, and fought back again, which hopefully gives us something to build upon. We did not shoot well and made plenty of mistakes, but we never gave up or put our heads down. Our primary weaknesses were transitioning to defense (they leaked out early), talking on screens, and boxing out. Offensively, game speed took us out of our comfort zone. Hopefully, getting the first game under our belts will increase the intensity and urgency at practice now that we have seen the expectations of high school players. […]