Why Jeff Van Gundy Was Wrong About Raymond Felton and Self-Confidence

During Sunday’s NBA game, Jeff Van Gundy described his disappointment with Raymond Felton who apparently had said something about his coach negatively affecting his confidence.  Van Gundy said that he did not like hearing these things, as nobody can give you confidence. He said that the only way to develop confidence is to be successful doing something.  […]

An argument for the shot clock

The shot clock does not make better players. However, the lack of a shot clock retards player development. I coached girls’ basketball in California with a 30-second shot clock. Only once or twice a game was the shot clock really a factor. The presence of the shot clock sped up the pace of the game. The threat of a shot clock led to players shooting open shots early in the clock and being more aggressive.  […]

Coaching Frosh Basketball – A Season in Review

In many ways, I feel disappointed about the way the season turned out. This may have been the hardest (least successful) season that I have coached in terms of changing behaviors. Parents and the varsity coach commented on the improvement of the team over the course of the season, but I don’t feel the same. The same basic mistakes that hurt us at the beginning of the season hurt us at the end of the season.  […]

Coaching Frosh Basketball – Week 12

And that’s a wrap. We ended the season in a tournament and went two and a BBQ. We played the hosts in the first game and played one of our best games of the season, but fell in the 4th quarter. In the loser’s bracket, we played a team that we had beaten, but they brought down four guys who had played up on the sophomore team all season, and despite outplaying them for much of the game, we lost.  […]

The Missing Storyline from Linsanity (aka The Jeremy Lin Story)

I watched Jeremy Lin when he led Paly to the CIF State Championship in 2006, as I was living in Sacramento and knew many players, coaches, and fans in the Bay Area. I knew Mitch Stephens, who was criticized when he picked Lin as the 2006 San Francisco Chronicle Player of the Year. I have written several times about Jeremy Lin (here, and here) and Poor Man’s Commish has kept everyone updated via twitter for years, but I do not know Lin or his story personally, so this is a view from the outside. […]

Coaching Frosh Basketball – Week 11

Last Wednesday, my professor in my Motivation Theory course asked me why my players play basketball. I did not have a definitive answer. They are fairly typical freshmen, trying to fit in at a new school, make friends, and expend energy. I don’t know that any of the guys are Basketball Players. I think that they like basketball and like being on a team and like walking around school in their basketball gear.  […]

Coaching Frosh Basketball – Week 10

Started the week with another Monday game. Started slowly again. Fell behind 21-5. Trailed by one at half-time and had the lead in the 4th quarter. Lost by one, though our scorekeepers made a mistake, so the score should have been tied. We played without three starters because two missed Saturday’s practice and one missed grades. Two of the remaining top players did not play the first quarter because they were late to the game.  […]