What Gets Charted Gets Done

In Arizona our basketball season starts this week with tryouts.  I have been prepping for the past two weeks on material for our annual lock-in where our student-athletes stay in the gym overnight to become immersed in our culture, parent meeting information and the other admin tasks that go along with coaching.  In addition, my wife implored me to clean up our office as my stuff, mainly basketball related, is in stacks everywhere.  While cleaning up the office I came across an article by Jim Burson – Solution Based Basketball about offense.  The biggest takeaway for me was “things that get charted, get done”. […]

Season Plan: What’s Your Plan For You

Our basketball season will officially begin with tryouts 11/2.  Everyday I have dedicated time to planning tryouts, our weekly practice schedule as well as the admin. tasks that no one likes doing such as ordering items and planning fundraisers.  However, this year I have also completed a Season Health plan for myself.  I got the idea Read more about Season Plan: What’s Your Plan For You[…]

Practice What You Do Most

One of the things I love about this website is the attempt to “rattle the cage” and ask “why?”.  This website is a community of outside the box thinkers who do not accept, “it has always been done that way” as an answer to questions about coaching while keeping in mind that some methods are still around because they are truly time tested.  The joy of coaching is finding out what works for you and your program. […]

Practice Planning Preparation

Every discussion, article, or lecture I hear about practice planning talks about the importance of having high quality practices.  I am a firm believer in how a team or athlete practices is how a team or athlete will play in the game.  There is no magic switch to turn on.  Therefore, practice is the most valuable time for coaches.  Here are some tips that I have incorporated into my practice planning from experience and the website, Teach Like a Champion. […]