July 23, 2017



Since 2006, books such as Cross Over: The New Model of Youth Basketball Development, Developing Basketball Intelligence, and The 21st Century Basketball Practice have influenced basketball coaches worldwide.

Cross Over: The New Model of Youth Basketball Development

Most basketball books offer drills. Cross Over outlines an entire development program complete with a long term athlete development philosophy, over 150 age-appropriate basketball drills, break down of skill progressions and thoughts on coaching effectiveness. Cross Over covers Athletic Skills, Tactical Skills, Technical Skills and Psychological Skills through four stages of development and gives coaches the tools to improve their coaching and create a better environment for youth players.

Developing Basketball Intelligence

Through drills, situations, instruction and questioning, Developing Basketball Intelligence demonstrates how to teach game awareness and basketball intelligence. DBI explains the basic tactical skills of every offense - from pick-and-rolls to 3v2 fast breaks - but moves beyond the skill execution to the perceptual, anticipatory and decision-making skills that separate expert performers. Developing Basketball Intelligence is a tool to develop your offensive system as a coach, and to create a learning environment which enhances your players' understanding so they can read and react and adjust and adapt on the court.

180 Shooter

Whether novice or advanced, 180 Shooter offers instruction and drills to elevate your shooting percentages or enhance your shooting instruction. 180 Shooter includes over 60 drills and 20 pictures to assist with your learning. 180 Shooter is a complete guide to successful shooting, unlike any other because it uses learning progressions, not just drills. If you put forth the effort, 180 Shooter will help you develop into a 180 Shooter.

Hard2Guard: Skill Development for Perimeter Players

Hard2Guard: Skill Development for Perimeter Players is the complete book of perimeter skills for the player looking for an edge or the coach seeking new ways to teach skills and develop more aggressive, attack-minded players.

Blitz Basketball

Blitz Basketball is a complete youth basketball development system incorporating offensive and defensive strategy with player development. Blitz uses a dribble-drive-motion style and incorporates numerous drills to develop ball handling, passing and shooting skills, and a man-to-man trapping press that builds solid defensive fundamentals. With over 60 drills and 100 diagrams, Blitz Basketball is a complete development and strategic system for youth basketball teams and coaches that I have used the system with high school, college and professional teams. 

The 21st Century Basketball Practice

The game of basketball has evolved over the last generation, but basketball practices have changed very little during my 30 years in the game as a player, coach, clinician, and consultant. Today’s game more closely resembles the game that we played on the playground than the one that we were taught in practices. The 21st Century Basketball Practice is an attempt to modernize the youth and high-school basketball and catch up to the evolution of the game.

Fake Fundamentals

Among basketball coaches and purists, some drills and teaching points appear sacrosanct and persist despite mounting evidence of their ineffectiveness. Fake Fundamentals expands upon The 21st Century Basketball Practice and condemns 10 specific features of the traditional basketball practice. Whereas some or all of the drills and teaching points are common to many, if not most, youth, high-school, and college practices, their prevalence does not affirm their validity. Through practical experience and research, McCormick demonstrates the flaws with these commonly used drills and teaching points, and provides alternatives to improve the way that the game is taught to young players. 

Fake Fundamentals, Volume Two

This is not a drill book. Fake Fundamentals: Volume 2 uses specific examples of drills instructions to illustrate the teaching concepts central to The 21st Century Basketball Practice. Have you wondered why NBA players reportedly shoot very well in practice, but not in games? The answer is included in FF2, as our common approach to free-throw shooting practice ignores the most basic motor learning concepts. Is there a reason that NBA players cannot improve their dribbling skills, as some have suggested? Yes, there is a reason, but it probably is not the one that you think. Have you wondered about the common instruction to shoot "game shots from game spots at game speeds"? If you are looking for a quick recap of 25 new drills, Fake Fundamentals: Volume 2 is not the book. Instead, FF2 is for those who are interested in a book that will challenge their perceptions and make them re-think how they approach teaching the game.

21st Century Guide to Individual Skill Development

21st Century Guide to Individual Skill Development is the player's version of The 21st Century Basketball Practice, but can be used by coaches or skill trainers as a complement. The philosophy and concepts are the same, but this focuses on individual skill development, specifically shooting, finishing, and dribbling. The book contains a chapter about the specific skills, but the book is centered on strategies to improve your individual practice. McCormick outlines and explains various strategies that worked for him as a player, coach, and skill trainer, and that are supported, in most cases, by research. In addition to his personal examples and research, McCormick includes examples from modern-day superstars such as Stephen Curry and his visit to an NBA team's offseason workouts.

SABA: The Antifragile Offense

Small advantage. Big advantage. SABA is based on a simple idea: Use an offensive action to create a small advantage, and exploit the small advantage to create a big advantage. Regardless of the tactic or strategy, the objective of every offensive possession is to create a big advantage: An open catch-and-shoot shot, an open driving lane to the basket, or a shot at the rim.

Playmakers: The Player's Guide to Developing Basketball Intelligence

Through drills, situations, instruction and questioning, Playmakers: The Player’s Guide to Developing Basketball Intelligence demonstrates how to teach game awareness and basketball intelligence. Playmakers teaches tactical skills, and develops the characteristics of a high basketball IQ player — players who:
• Choose the best option in less time;
• Adapt to ever-changing situations;
• Possess good spatial awareness;
• Know the right play at any moment relative to the time and score;
And more.