August 23, 2009

Certification Process

coach huddleBetter prepared, more well-informed coaches make better coaches. In other professions, we require a certification. Why not youth basketball coaches, the people whom we trust with our children?

Are you a beginner or novice coach seeking a resource to help you get started as a volunteer coach?

Are you a returning coach looking for additional information to enhance your coaching?

The Youth Basketball Coaches Association Level I course differs from other online courses in three ways:

  1. Youth coaches designed the course for youth coaches.
  2. By completing the course and passing the test, you certify your basic knowledge of basketball skills and coaching concepts.
  3. The forum provides a space for you to ask questions about the material or applying the material to your coaching. Our mission is to help coaches.

The Level I course is an introductory course that covers a number of subjects broadly. For coaches interested in bettering their coaching ability and assisting their athletes, this course provides the basics to expand your horizons and learn more or improve your weaknesses. A certification course offers one way to improve your coaching ability and level of knowledge in an efficient manner.

The Level II course is more involved and covers these and other subjects in more detail, while also requiring attendance at a coaching clinic.

Certification Process

Level I: Volunteer Youth Coaches – Online Course

Level II: Experienced Youth Coaches – Online Course + On-Court Clinic

Level III: Club Directors/Varsity High School – Coaches Clinic + Project

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