May 26, 2013

Italy’s Coach Education Program

My interview with Raffaele Imbrogno of the Italian Basketball Federation

BMAre all coaches required to go through a coach’s education curriculum? If not, who is required and who is not?
RI: Yes. Everyone who wants to coach must take the courses of Comitato Nazionale Allenatori.

BMHow much does a certification cost? Who pays this expense?
RI: To attempt the course of First Level (to coach young players) the cost is in the range 300 – 500 euros. To attempt the course of Second Level (to coach until second division, our Serie B) the course is split in four weeks in two summers and the cost is in the range of 1,500- 2,500 euros.

To attempt the Third Level (to coach first division) the course is over two weeks in only one summer and the cost is in the range 1,500 – 2,000 euros. Everyone pays his/her expense; there is no money from the federation.

BMIn short, what is required of a coach to finish a certification at Level I? Level II? Level III?
RI: At the First Level, you have to know how to coach the fundamental skills of basketball.
At the Second Level, also tactics (zone offense, zone defense, man2man full court).
The Third Level is like a Master’s with lessons from famous Italian coaches about all the game (pressing, special situations).

BM: What is the focus of each level of certification? What topics are covered in each one?
RI: The focus is the teaching of basketball with a lot of work on practice.

BM: Does the certification focus solely on basketball? Or, does it incorporate general sports science-nutrition, psychology, kinesiology, etc?
RI: The courses incorporate psychology, sport science, strength and conditioning elements for basketball, kinesiology.

BMWhat is the goal of the coach certification process?
RI: The goal is to have a thinking coach.

BMHow often is the content updated?
RI: The content of our courses is update about 5 years.

BMWhat is the most important aspect of the certification process?
RI: The most important aspect is the idea to create an Italian school of basketball coaching.

BMAre certified coaches held accountable? Is there a mediation process? Can certification be suspended or revoked for specific infractions?
RI: Yes everything is tracked and if you have incorrect behavior during the season, your license can be suspended or revoked.

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