Praise for Cross Over The New Model of Youth Basketball Development

I received this email this week about Cross Over: The New Model of Youth Basketball Development:


I just finished reading the Third Edition of your book. I am an NSCA certified strength and conditioning coach, and a former collegiate strength coach.  I left the field to become a PE teacher in a stable job environment to raise my children. I am very impressed with the book.

I am in my fourth year of coaching 5th & 6th grade basketball, and I never played basketball in an organized setting.  I have had to learn a lot. Your book has been great.  It has convinced and challenged me about the way I have been coaching, and it has shed a lot of light on strength and conditioning with this age group.

I am confident you have authored the single most important book ever written on basketball and athletic development, and I have read many.

Thank you,

Tavis, Arkansas

Cross Over is available as a paperback through or

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