What Gets Charted Gets Done

In Arizona our basketball season starts this week with tryouts.  I have been prepping for the past two weeks on material for our annual lock-in where our student-athletes stay in the gym overnight to become immersed in our culture, parent meeting information and the other admin tasks that go along with coaching.  In addition, my wife implored me to clean up our office as my stuff, mainly basketball related, is in stacks everywhere.  While cleaning up the office I came across an article by Jim Burson – Solution Based Basketball about offense.  The biggest takeaway for me was “things that get charted, get done”. […]

Coaching Frosh Basketball 2.0 – Philosophy and Assistant Coaches

With two assistant coaches onboard this season, I feel like I need to prepare them for how I coach and the things that I believe so that we can be on the same page.

Therefore, here is the start of a list (stream of conscious) of things that I believe or emphasize, especially regarding freshmen basketball.  […]

Coaching a pro women’s team: Rookie mistakes

Published by Full Court.com, May 5, 2003 After reflecting on my experience in Sweden, I learned a great deal about coaching and people, and I am more confident in my ability to coach and more energized for another opportunity to coach somewhere. The year was far from perfect, and I made plenty of mistakes, but I Read more about Coaching a pro women’s team: Rookie mistakes[…]