Skill development with professional youth coaches

I admit that being paid to be a youth or developmental basketball coach would be a dream job. I meet and hear about guys who have positions such as Director Coaching for youth soccer or lacrosse clubs, and I wish something like that exists for basketball. I once proposed a similar job to a large youth basketball organization, but it had no interest. […]

Can the self-fulfilling prophecy affect a player’s effort?

This post originated on twitter where I saw a coach post that it is okay for the hardest workers or best listeners to be favorites, or something to that extent. I warned about the self-fulfilling prophecy. This was met with skepticism, as if one cannot create a self-fulfilling prophecy for effort. […]

The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and Coaching Behaviors

After watching a team for several games, one can see the effect of the coach’s behaviors on the team and the individual players. One frequent issue is a coach who lacks confidence in his or her post players. I have watched several coaches like this in the last couple years; regardless of what happened, the coach blames the post player.  […]

Why Jeff Van Gundy Was Wrong About Raymond Felton and Self-Confidence

During Sunday’s NBA game, Jeff Van Gundy described his disappointment with Raymond Felton who apparently had said something about his coach negatively affecting his confidence.  Van Gundy said that he did not like hearing these things, as nobody can give you confidence. He said that the only way to develop confidence is to be successful doing something.  […]

Why I am rooting for Jeremy Lin

Early Sunday morning, I walked to the court where I train a 9th grader every weekend. He is generally late and sleepy when he arrives, but today he was on the court and shooting. As soon as I was within earshot, he said, “What do you think of Jeremy Lin?” For those who do not Read more about Why I am rooting for Jeremy Lin[…]