Brian McCormick founded the Youth Basketball Coaches Association in the summer of 2009 to assist organizations with the education and certification of inexperienced and volunteer youth basketball coaches.

McCormick believed that youth coaches (8-14 years-old) are the most important link in the basketball development process.

To develop better players and create a better experience for ALL youth basketball players, the most efficient process is to provide information and resources, establish a coach certification process and unite youth coaches around a guiding philosophy that puts the athlete first.

After publishing Cross Over: The New Model of Youth Basketball Development in 2006, McCormick approached numerous organizations about coach education programs and found the organizations either uninterested in youth coaches or unable to provide additional services to their coaches because of the expense.

While other organizations charge thousands of dollars for coaching clinics or programs, McCormick believed that the Internet provided a low-cost alternative to disseminating information and assisting new coaches.

McCormick founded the Youth Basketball Coaches Association to:

  • Advocate for youth basketball coaches and the importance of these coaches in the development process
  • Build confidence in these coaches through preparation and training
  • Educate these coaches on the basics of what to do, how to teach it and when to teach it
  • Certify youth coaches for non-profit organizations to create a base standard for youth coaches

The YBCA is a vehicle to improve youth basketball through the many different grassroots organizations that work with young players by developing better players and creating a better experience for ALL players to retain more young players. In several research studies, the top five reasons that children give for dropping out of organized sports reflect directly back to the coaching. Hopefully the YBCA can correct some of these issues.