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Brian McCormick is an author, clinician, coach, and consultant

Brian T. McCormick, PhD is a professional basketball coach, consultant, and clinician. McCormick has coached professionally in Denmark, Ireland, and Sweden, taking a team to the finals in Denmark's 1st Division and being selected to coach in Sweden's Damligan All-Star Game. He has coached CYO, AAU, high school, junior college, and college basketball in the United States, and worked as a strength and conditioning coach for two junior-college basketball programs. McCormick has directed clinics in Canada, China, Greece, Ghana, India, Macedonia, Trinidad & Tobago, and throughout the United States, and spoken at coaching, strength & conditioning, and sports psychology conferences in the United States and Canada. McCormick completed his PhD in Exercise and Sports Science at the University of Utah, and has had peer-reviewed papers published in the International Journal of Exercise Science, International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, and Strength & Conditioning Journal.

  • McCormick has published 20 books for basketball coaches, many of which have spent time on Amazon's top 10 books for basketball. The books have been well-received and recommended by prominent coaches such as Fran Fraschilla and Mike Dunlap.

  • McCormick has directed camps and clinics for players and coaches around the world, most recently in Jackson Hole, WY and Waddington, NY. He also has been a speaker at clinics for Basketball BC, Basketball Manitoba, and USA Basketball.

  • McCormick has coached youth, high school, college, and professional teams; he has coached boys and girls, men and women. He has coached in championship series, AAU National Tournaments, and all-star games. He currently is the head coach of a women's junior college team.

  • McCormick has consulted with numerous high school, college, and professional coaches and players on skill development, practice design, and strength & conditioning.

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