Best Basketball Shoes For Kids 2024 – Review & Buying Guide

As we all know, summer season is almost here. It’s time for fun, joy and rejoices. Children also get a break from their daily hectic schedules. Summer vacation is a long break and many children get bored at home but if your child is a sports freak, is it not your responsibility to check if they have all the necessary sports gear and equipment or not?

 One of the most played sports by children in basketball. It plays a major role in keeping your child physically fit and also improves mental strength. Further, it adds up to the circulatory system by increasing the blood flow to your body. But while playing, many children tend to get hurt due to lack of sports gears. One of the most vital gears of basketball is basketball shoes. 

Basketball shoes improve your child’s performance and decrease the chances of injury. According to our observation, the children who wear basketball shoes while playing perform far better than children who wear normal shoes. This is because the built-up of basketball shoes are in such a way that it provides extra comfort to your child.

Best Basketball Shoes For Kids Online

Basketball shoes usually come with rubber sole, which eliminates slipping injuries while jumping, sliding and landing. There are different types of basketball shoes, which are low tops, mid-tops, cushioned and non-cushioned. We bring to you the best quality basketball shoes and you absolutely don’t need to get worried about that. Picking the right shoe for your child is your responsibility and your kid’s choice.

We are giving you a glimpse of the five best basketball shoes for kids:

1. JMFCHI Kid’s Basketball  High-top Sports Shoes

JMFCHI Kid’s Basketball High-top Sports Shoes

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This basketball shoe by JMFCHI is a high top shoe. It offers maximum support to ankles and feet and also works well in shock absorption. It can also be used as running shoes. It is suitable for little kids, boys, and girls (unisex). The sole is made up of rubber and thus makes it more durable, non-slippery, and cushiony. The insole is very soft and provides a comfortable feel.

 The toe box is wider and roomier than average shoes and gives your toes enough space to spread. This helps you to maintain balance and a smooth jump and landing. It also causes less sweating. The rubber sole works by increasing friction between the ground and sole and gives torsional rigidity a great lateral movement and stability. Its unique design makes it waterproof, easy to clean, more stylish, but not too ostentatious.


  •     Smooth upper leather design makes it easy to clean
  •     Comes with both good looks and durability
  •     Wide toe box makes it roomy
  •     Can be used for all sort of outdoor activity


  •     Price is slightly on the higher side
  •     Some people have reported a problem in the sole

2. Nike Kids’ Team Hustle D 8 (Ps) Basketball ShoeNike Kids’ Team Hustle D 8 (Ps) Basketball ShoeBuy at Amazon

This kid’s team hustle basketball shoe from Nike comes in various complexions. It is entirely made up of leather, which makes it more durable and resistant to stress while playing. It provides great support to your child’s feet. Instead of lace, it has a hook and loop type of strap in midfoot which makes it more secure and fit. Midsole foam, which is light in weight, offers more flexibility and cushioning.  Thin rubber outsole gives more tractional power to it. These shoes can be used by girls as well but are more suitable for boys.


  •     Midfoot strap helps to secure your child’s feet
  •     Available in almost all the sizes
  •     This brand has built the trust of many consumers.


  •     Some customers have complained of damaged products
  •     Takes a bit longer than usual time to deliver

3. Under Armour Kids’ 2019 Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Kids’ 2019 Basketball Shoe

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This basketball shoe from under armour is exclusively designed for preschool kids. It is made of synthetic material. It has a rubber sole that resists slippery surfaces and makes it strong and durable. It has a mid-top arched surface that covers the ankle and makes it less prone to injury. 

The side body of the shoe is completely covered with perforations and mesh which makes it more breathable. It also adds up ventilation. EVA sock liner provides excellent cushioning and support. The rubber provides maximum grip. EVA midsole conveys a lightweight and compassionate drive.


  • Children feel active and free while playing
  • It comes in beautiful colors
  • Enhances the performance of your child basketball


  • Delivery of the product is available in restricted areas

4. Adidas Originals Pro Spark 2018 K Basketball Shoe

Adidas Originals Pro Spark 2018 K Basketball Shoe

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Adidas originals always promise the best quality products to their consumers. It has a synthetic sole. These shoes are molded with strong sole, synthetic toe overlay, high-quality material, and cloud foam midsole that gives comfort and great cushioning. It also has an ortho- sock liner to improve performance and increase your child’s confidence. The shoe also has padded heels that help in shock absorption while jumping and make your landing smooth. 



  •     They are attractive and unisex
  •     They are true to size


  •     The toe box is narrow

5. Hawkwell Kids Casual Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Hawkwell Kids Casual Outdoor Basketball Shoes

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Hawkwell kids casual outdoor basketball shoes are made up of premium quality materials. They are available in various colors such as orange, navy, grey, green and yellow that makes it much more attractive. The sole contains grooves in it, which allows you to flex more. It cushions your ankle with padding and mesh tongue that makes it more breathable. It is light in weight that gives you the advantage. Isn’t it enough to carry your weight on the court?


  •     Available in 7 different colors
  •     Provides best ankle support


  •     Delivers to restricted areas

Buying Guide


This contains some important points that you must check before purchasing basketball shoes for your kids.


When it comes to shopping, be it a cloth, furniture, sportswear or anything, the first thing that comes in our mind is the material of the product. Good materials are generally manufactured by reputed brands that promise you the premium quality and least disappointment.


Color selection solely depends on your kid’s choice. Neon and bright colored shoes are trending the most in the market at this point. We have a wide range of collection of shoes in every color that makes it easier for you to select your favorite one.

Ankle Protection 

Basketball is a game in which our legs play a very vital role, specifically the ankle part. Therefore it is a must to protect your ankle with the help of high-top or mid-top cushioned shoes.

Right Size 


Lack of capability to choose the right sized shoe for your child may interfere with the performance of your child and make him prone to injuries.


An ideal shoe should always offer maximum torsional strength. It comes with a flexible sole that enhances the solace of consumers.

Foot Type 

Foot type is a very considerable point when it comes to purchasing a basketball shoe. If you have a wider foot, then you’ll need a larger toe box to feel comfortable while narrow and long foot toe box doesn’t make any change in the comfort level of your kid.

Final words

Don’t let your child’s love for basketball fade away by using any ordinary sports shoes. Basketball shoes are designed in a particular way to help you extend your feet more than your normal limits. Want to see your child as a top player on the court? Then stop counting days and grab your pairs now! Let your child shine bright and their performance even brighter!