Top 5 Best Ankle Brace for Basketball – Review & Buying Guide


Ankle braces are mainly used as a precaution while playing or practising any sports or games. The braces help to prevent the initial ankle injuries and it protects the ankles from repeated injuries. Most of the young boys and girls, while playing basketball with friends, get ankle injuries commonly. Basketball is the game of a lot of actions that keeps the players engaged with running around, dodging, and jumping. It is possible that most of the time, players are at the risk of ankle injuries.

Ankle Brace – Best Selling Online 

The braces help the basketball players to recover from injuries and also teach about how to avoid the injuries while playing. The braces are made of soft nylon or bulgy cotton that offers complete protection to the ankles and feet. The ankle braces work as a compression strap and give a supporting feel to the injured part of the body. The list of nicely-designed, branded ankle braces along with the detail information and links are given below for you to find the best before selecting the ankle braces

1. Mcdavid Ankle Brace

Mcdavid Ankle Brace

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Mcdavid Ankle Brace is very effective while it ankle supports players of Basketball, Volleyball, and many other sports during the injuries occur while playing. The braces fit correctly around the ankles men and women. The braces are designed using nylon material in the form of stimulating athletic tape, which is in the pattern of figure-six. 

The elastic strap fits well on both the ankles. It can be placed over the ankle without removing socks and shoes and can be easily adjusted.  The braces are of high-quality with ventilated long tongues, padded double lining and non-breakable edges. The strap fits around the ankle tightly and supports the body internally. It helps a player to move his feet or the knees sharply during the game when covered under the protected brace.


  • The braces fit well on left or right ankles easily.
  • The strap supports the injury internally and heals quickly.


  • The delivery of the product takes time after booking.

2. Gonicc Professional Foot Sleeve Pair

Gonicc Professional Foot Sleeve Pair

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Gonicc Professional foot sleeve is available in a pair. It offers compression wrap support that works like instant therapeutic relief. The sleeves are made of superior quality nylon with a silky soft touch. The sleeves remain tight around the ankle, offering compression that supports the injured area and circulates the blood that reduces the swelling effect and stabilizes the ankle. 

The foot service sleeves work effectively on various injuries such as stress fracture, swelling, pain in heels, edema which are caused while playing basketball, volleyball, soccer, running etc. But the foot service sleeves work on the ligaments and provides faster muscle recovery. It rejuvenates relief from the pain and discomfort and energizes the body movements to perform better. The branded product offers lifetime satisfaction to the users.


  • It not only reduces the pain but re-energize the muscles in a short time.
  • It offers a lifetime warranty on the product.


  • Sleeves get dirty after every usage and need to clean carefully.

3. COMPRESSX Lace Up Ankle Brace

COMPRESSX Lace Up Ankle Brace

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COMPRESSX Lace Up ankle brace is one of the effective ankle stabilizers that offer complete support for the joint pain. The straps are easy to wear and can remain tight even after wearing it on socks and shoes. The braces are useful for men and women both. For the people who always worry about personal health should keep the lace-up braces handy. It offers the best personal attention to the painful part of the body. 

For the people who, after spending their time on the basketball or volleyball courts, find sprains on your feet. Find the ankles are painful and unstable. The ankles are swelling and feeling very tired. This is the time you should try COMPRESSX lace up ankle braces, which work effectively and reduce the pain at once.


  • It is easy to wear over the socks and shoes.
  • It reduces the pain immediately.


  • It is available in limited colors.

4. Fakeface Girls Boys Adjustable Ankle Support

Fakeface Girls Boys Adjustable Ankle Support

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Fakeface girls boys adjustable compression ankle support has become part of the safety for the elders and the younger boys and girls. The people who love playing outdoor games such as basketball, volleyball, running cycling, running, dancing cycling etc. also use the ankle braces. The children, who play basketball, initially get the injuries over the ankles. The straps available in different sizes help the children to use it correctly. The breathable material made of nylon and lycra is flexible, anti-slip and skin-friendly. 

The elastic ankle brace is most effective while dealing with painful injuries like hamstring, groin muscles and ankle-twisting. It works effectively and helps the girls and boys to recover faster with minimum strain.  The adjustable ankle support has become part of the first-aid kit that every child loves to use. The braces remain stretchy and last longer, even after rough usage.


  • The adjustable straps are stretchable and skin-friendly.


  • Available only in limited places.

5. AVIDDA Ankle Brace  

AVIDDA Ankle Brace 

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AVIDDA ankle brace is effectively used for chronic and acute pain, which is related to sports such as basketball. It also effectively controls the ankle injuries. The ankle braces are available for men and women in one size that fits perfectly well to all. The braces are designed cautiously using high-quality nylon with absorbing clothing that keeps the ankle braces dry of sweat. The braces are made of breathable material and can be either hand washed or machine washed to keep it clean and shiny. 

The braces support the ankles by easy adjustments and remain tightly wrapped around the painful area during the play. The ankle brace is useful not only for basketball players but it is preferred by the sportsmen and athletes while practicing for the tournaments.


  • The braces cure the chronic and acute pain around the ankles.
  • One sized brace fits well to men and women.


  • N/A.

Buying Guide To Buy Best Ankle Brace Online

Following given are the most useful tips to buy the useful ankle brace from the list of branded braces available in the market. 

The Material of the Brace: The material of the ankle brace should be made of flexible material which can easily fit around the ankles. Neoprene, fabric and knit materials are available. Neoprene offers heat insulation to protect injury but fabric and knit are breathable and cool.

Proper Fitting: The braces should always fit tightly around your ankles for the effective results. The ankle brace size is based on the shoe size of a person. You should consult before buying it. The brace should not be too tight or too loose.

Ankle Braces With Lace-up: The braces with shoelace design offers complete support and remain tight which is the ideal type of brace.

Ankle Sleeves with Straps: The sleeves having additional straps offer complete protection and compression. It keeps braces tight around the painful area.

Final Words:

The ankle braces have become part of sports like Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Golf, and many others. The players have to be fit and fine while playing the games. The ankle braces are designed in such a way that it helps a sportsman to recover from the painful injuries and play the game by giving his or her best. The ankle braces also offer protection so that the injuries do not repeatedly occur. The list of ankle braces given along with the links above will help you along with the useful tips from the buying guide while selecting the most effective brace for your ankles.


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