How to Improve Your NBA Predictions


The NBA is the pinnacle of professional basketball with each game attracting a huge audience both in court side attendance figures and millions more following the play live on television. From New York to London, California to Paris, and Washington to Berlin, the NBA enjoys an incredible and loyal fanbase.

The love shown for the tournament continues to grow. The popularity of the sport inspires young players from across the globe to take up basketball and dream of playing the sport as a professional themselves one day in the most famous league in the world.

The 2024-2024 season returned on October 19 to its usual schedule of 82 games after the interruptions of the previous two seasons due to the pandemic. Both the Milwaukee Bucks and the Lakers will be looking to repeat previous successes. However, there is strong competition from the likes of the Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, and Phoenix Suns. Whilst, the Warriors and the Brooklyn Nets are both high favorites to take home the Championship title this year.

It has all the makings for an exciting lead-up to the end of the 2024-2024 season on April 10. The leading online sportsbooks in Canada and the United States offer ball fans the chance to make predictions and place bets on the eventual winner of the regular season, the playoffs, and, of course, those all-important Finals. Gambling on the team you believe will blaze a trail of glory to the title, etching their name into the sporting history books, offers a season-long interest.

While your pick is involved in the play your bet is live and you have a chance to make a profit. Those searching for a short-term investment may prefer to gamble on the top games. At least one eye-catching match is played every day during the season and traders working at the standout bookies can offer pre-match and in-play betting odds on every fixture.

You can predict the winner of the match or play one of the many specials, such as total points, handicap, half time/full time, and more. So, whether you are a die-hard basketball fan or just want to add a little interest to the next game played by your preferred team, there is an option available to suit you.

What’s the story?

Many basketball fans and bettors make it look easy. You know the people we are talking about. Those who, seemingly, know everything and can’t wait to brag about their latest win, another correct prediction and the cash they have raised betting on the NBA. Do you ever feel free as though it seems like a second income and easy money for others while they enjoy the match on TV but then when you give it a try, your picks often come up short?

What’s the story? What are they doing differently or do they simply have a golden touch? Here we will explain all on how to improve your NBA predictions, bring you more joy with your bets and help earn you a little cash on the side also.

First thing’s first, there’s no golden touch in basketball betting or making predictions on any other professional sport for that matter. There’s luck – which only gets you so far – from there it is hard work and preparation that will get you the results you want. If you were to look at the profit and loss column of the star NBA bettors we touched on above, you will often see they make as many losses, if not more, than they have winners. They miss more than they score.

These types often only broadcast and advertise their successes but usually hide their failures. Therefore, it is best to take these tales of victory with a pinch of salt. Get the opinion of any professional bettor who makes a living gambling on sport and they will back this up.

They will tell you they have made far more losing bets than winning ones, especially in the early days, but they learned the lessons and came back stronger. There are many lessons to be learned when betting on the NBA and although most in the industry find this out the hard way, losing cash in the process, it doesn’t have to be like that.

Do your research


There is no one size fits all when it comes to betting or no secret approach that will help you pull in a small fortune betting on your favourite team. If there was, wouldn’t everyone be doing it? The most important thing you can do when betting on sport is understanding this. Stop looking for the fool proof strategy that will lead you to the land of milk and honey. Instead, keep it simple.

The more research you do on your predictions, the more success you will have. You want to support your picks with as much info as possible. You should read previews and study the stats.

Know which teams are playing well and which are struggling. Look out for other factors such as the injury news, head-to-head scores and the mood in a camp. Is a team loving life under a coach or is there a split in the locker room? The more informed you are on the ins and outs of the current NBA season the better.

When you have made your pick, it is then time for more research. You want every bet you place to be at the most generous odds. Accepting anything less is handing the power to the bookies. Look for the sportsbook that has the biggest offer on your selection and bet with them for the best results.

Another important aspect in successful predictions on the NBA is to actually watch the games live. This way you will become more familiar with the nuances of the game. At first you will listen to the after games analysis but eventually you will hone your own analytical skills and your predictions will become less like guesses and more educated choices.