Top 5 Best Basketball Knee Braces 2020 – Review & Buying Guide


If you are a regular fan of Basketball, you might be aware of the fact that players never play with naked knees. There are different protective gears available for knees, such as pads, sleeves, pants, and braces. We’ll talk about knee braces in detail. Basketball athletes wear protective gear not only for a single reason but for so many different reasons. These are as follows. Knee gears prevent bruises that may be caused due to hard falls and collisions. Knee gears also provide support in the case of knee injuries. Knee gears even help in reducing the persistent pain that occurs due to the immense burden that is put on the knees while playing the game.

Basketball Knee Braces – Best Selling Online

It is believed that knee braces specifically provide good protection from knee injuries that athletes face during their basketball game. If we compare with knee sleeves, knee braces provide greater stability. However, most athletes wear it during the process of recovery after being injured. The reason behind it is that it prevents the players from re-injuries. This article intends to provide you with information about some of the Best Basketball Knee Braces that are available in the market. We have also included a buying guide so that players may choose a knee brace of their own choice. Following are some of the Best Basketball Knee Braces that you can purchase:

1. McDavid Knee Compression Sleeves

McDavid Knee Compression Sleeves

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If you are concerned about your knees then purchasing the best quality knee support should be on the top of your priority list. McDavid brings you some of the best Knee Compression Sleeves. It offers a maximum level of protection to the players. Apart from protection, comfort is also essential while playing the game. The McDavid Knee Sleeves consists of a unique moisture management technology that keeps it dry and cool and hence does not cause itching and irritation. Additionally, this knee sleeve also has an Anatomical 9mm HEX technology that specifically contours around the knees. It has good length which is best for those who does not like to wear basketball socks while playing a game.


  • The overall material and stitch quality are amazing.
  • The Comfort level is highly appreciative. 


  • The product has a sizing issue as reported by customers.
  • The knee sleeves may slip while playing.

2. Cantop Knee Pads Long Compression

Cantop Knee Pads Long Compression

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Knee injuries are very common while playing basketball. A good knee pad offers good protection and increased comfort to the players. The Cantop Knee Pads have a distinctive hexagonal honeycomb design, which efficiently combats the impact pressure. The knee pad provides a cushion to the external force and prevents ligaments and patella from getting hurt. It is made using a highly dense polyester Lycra fabric that improves the moisture-wicking capacity of the pads. Unlike other knee supports, the Cantop Knee pads do not slips down. It is ergonomically constructed and has full flexibility. It is easy to fold and carry in your basketball backpack


  • The product has a reasonable price.
  • The Comfort level is excellent and appreciative.
  • Fit is perfect.


  • The picture provided in the description does not match the real product.

3. Tenei Knee Pads for Basketball, Football, etc

Tenei Knee Pads for Basketball, Football, etc

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Tenei Knee Pads have a unique core technology that is not usually found in other knee pads. The double wave silicone gel strips prevent the knee pads from falling or slipping down the knee. Collision is hindered by the hexagonal honeycomb construction. Plus, the fabrics used in the pads are completely breathable. The knee pad is built in such a way that the impact gets dispersed effectively. The chances of skeletal and muscle injury are reduced while using this knee pad. It provides full-round protection to the players. 


  • It is light weighted and comfortable.
  • The knee pads are anti-collision. 


  • The quality of the padding is not very good.
  • The durability of the product is doubtful.

4. Cantop Basketball Knee pads for Kids, Men, and Women

Cantop Basketball Knee pads for Kids, Men, and Women

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If you are looking for knee pads that improve the process of injury recovery, then you are at the right place. Cantop Basketball knee pads are specially designed to relax and warm the muscles so that fatigue and cramps can be reduced, and players can run faster. The knee pad is not only good for basketball, but it may be used for various sports such as Volleyball, Martial arts, Skates, Rugby, etc. therefore, it can be called as a multipurpose knee pad. 


  • Its Eva Hex protection protects the knees from high impacts.
  • Advanced hDc moisture technology keeps the pad dry and cool.


  • Wear and tear are condemnable.
  • Quality of the product is not appreciative.

5. Luwint Protective Thick Sponge Knee Pads


Luwint Protective Thick Sponge Knee Pads


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The Luwint Protective Thick Sponge Knee pads are one of a kind. It protects the knees under all active conditions for a prolonged time. These knee pads offer a high level of flexibility while playing, which is not provided by every knee pad. Plus, it is highly elastic. If you do not like getting bruises on your knees, then Luwint Knee pads are the right product for yourself. Moreover, the quality and stitch of these knee pads do not wear thin even after multiple numbers of washes. 


  • Elasticity and design of the product are appreciative. 
  • Can be used for multiple sports such as cycling, basketball, skiing, wrestling, badminton, etc. 
  • The brand offers a 3 months money-back guarantee to the customers. 


  • The knee pads are not heavy duty.
  • The padding easily gets flattened.
  • Many customers have complained about the bad quality of the sponge in padding. 
  • The product is not durable at all.

Buying Guide To Choose Best Basketball Knee Braces 

Some essential factors should be kept in mind while buying the Knee Braces. Let us have a look at these factors:


There are different types of knee braces depending upon the material. Some are made using elastic fabric like neoprene, while others have a Copper-lining. All of them have their functions. For example, the neoprene does not get stretched easily and stay in shape, and the copper-lined braces prevent injuries. You can choose the material according to your purpose.


There are different sizes of knee braces available, if not chosen accordingly, then it might cause harm to the athlete. A knee brace should be chosen based on knee measurements. 

Comfort and Fit

A knee brace should be comfortable as the athlete wears it for a longer period. The compression knee braces are light, thin and breathable. While the hinged knee braces are quite heavy and bulky, however, they provide additional support to the knees. 


The knee braces should be breathable enough to provide a maximum level of ventilation to the athletes. As we all know that playing with knee braces may lead to blisters, which is highly anticipated if there is excessive sweating. 


Knee braces are important for almost every sporting activity. It protects players from serious injuries and also provides comfort. An ideal knee brace is breathable and should have a good fit. If you read the reviews that we have provided above, you may be able to choose a knee brace of your best interest. The buying guide helps the buyers to understand the important factors that a buyer should be informed of before purchasing any product. We hope you select a good and comfortable knee brace for your match.


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