Interview with Julie Eibensteiner

This interview is excerpted from Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletters, Volume 6.

Julie Eibensteiner is a physical therapist and owner of Laurus Athletic Rehab and Performance LLC, an independently-owned practice specializing in ACL rehab and prevention in competitive athletes. In addition to being an educational contributor on topics of sport injury and prevention, Eibensteiner is actively involved as a coach in both college and competitive youth soccer settings.  […]

Girls Basketball: Training to Correct Valgus Overload

To address the improper muscle firing and gluteus weakness, I introduced a couple exercises to activate the glutes. Fire Hydrant Clamshell Hip Hike A more advanced progression from the Clamshell is to use a wall and a straight leg: I did not address any hip tightness with this player, but if tightness is an issue, Read more about Girls Basketball: Training to Correct Valgus Overload[…]