Coaching a European Club – Week 7

In our final week of practice before our first game of the regular season, the local schools took trips. This made me realize how young we actually are, as despite having 14 players on our current roster (plus a 15th out with an injury), we did not have more than seven players at a practice until everyone returned from his trips on Friday. Seven players is a bad number for running a good practice, especially in a gym with six baskets. […]

Coaching for the Process or the Result

On another site, a coach asked for a play to run with his 12-and-under team in late game situations because only a couple players make good decisions with the basketball. The question raises several other questions: 1) What is the purpose of the team? At 12-years-old, learning and development should take precedence over winning games. Read more about Coaching for the Process or the Result[…]