Improving ankle and hip mobility for better basketball performance

I work with a couple players who are so tight that I don’t know how they even play basketball. Several guys are unable to get into a full squat position. You never play in a full squat in basketball, but the inability shows different issues: tight hips and/or tight ankles. These are problems that affect performance. […]

AAU, high school basketball, and the question of the offseason

The debate about AAU/club basketball and high-school basketball is nothing new. Every year, it seems, supporters of each faction argue about the pros and cons of each, as if each is a single entity. As I have written previously, the problem is not one or the other, but both.  […]

Traditions Die Hard: Where is science-based or research-directed coaching?

The Internet makes information available like never before, yet there appears to be no changes in the way that the majority of coaches teach children. Last week, I worked out a college player during the lunch break of the college’s youth camp. I stayed and watched some of the camp. Despite having a limited number of players and enough balls for each player plus six baskets to use, I saw lines of players standing around and very little action. Today, I attended a practice in India and saw children dribble through cones for 40 minutes doing a drill that was taught at an NBA-sponsored coach’s clinic. Finally, I graded papers for my Introduction to Coaching practice plan assignment, and nearly every student started his or her practice with jogging around the field or court followed by stretching. Every student used a very linear model: stretching, block practice/technique drill, block practice/technique drill, scrimmage. Every sport was the same. […]

Coaching Youth Basketball in the 21st Century

John Kessell of USA Volleyball wrote a compelling article about coaches and their self-improvement titled “We Coach the Way We Were Coached.“ Well intentioned and even trained coaches enter gyms all over America, and train their athletes the way they were trained.  That the science of sport – of biomechanics and motor learning and other Read more about Coaching Youth Basketball in the 21st Century[…]