Parenting from the stands

Originally published by Los Angeles Sports & Fitness, September/October 2016.

Toward the end of an u14 girls’ soccer game, a father yelled to his daughter, “Don’t forget to have fun.” The comment stood out because it was the first positive comment from a parent during the entire game. I turned to another player standing near me, and asked, “How are you supposed to have fun when you are yelled at constantly?” She rolled her eyes and said, “Tell me about it.”  […]

Punishing a Lack of Talent

Last season, our volleyball team had an opinionated senior captain. We also had a number of junior varsity players who could not get their serves over the net. Now, a high school player should be able to get her serve over the net, but we had several first-year players and smaller than average players. When Read more about Punishing a Lack of Talent[…]