2-Person Chaser Lay-up Drill

This drill expands on the chaser lay-up drill and adds additional variables (hat tip to Brianna Finch for the drill). On the weak side, the cone for the defensive player is ahead of and to the inside of the cone for the offensive player. The set up should create a 1v1 with the ball handler against the defender from the weak side with an offensive player trailing on the weak side and a second defender sprinting from behind. Therefore, the drill becomes more of a transition drill than a strict lay-up drill, and adds a small amount of decision-making to the drill.

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5 Responses to “2-Person Chaser Lay-up Drill”

  1. Kevin Payne says:

    Why even have the 2nd offensive player on the other side? Looks like passing isn’t an option in the drill.

  2. BrianMcCormick says:

    It’s an option. I only recorded first two repetitions. You can change the distance of the cones to make it more or less difficult on the defense. We also do the same drill 1v1.

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