Examining Traditional Coaching Truths

Even if you do not coach volleyball, I recommend John Kessel’s blog, as it is as good as anything that you will find on the Internet for coaches. In December, he posted an article titled, “No More Drills, Feedback or Technical Training.” Now, to some, this might eliminate the need for a coach, as those are Read more about Examining Traditional Coaching Truths[…]

The Road Map for Youth Basketball Coaches

Mike McKay, the Coaching Director for Basketball Canada, has a post based on Traffic; Why We Drive The Way We Do by Tom Vanderbilt. He writes: How does this relate to basketball? We need to have the same universal integration of our playing rules and concepts…When a coach goes out side of the accepted boundaries Read more about The Road Map for Youth Basketball Coaches[…]

Great Coaches and Doubters

In First Break All the Rules, What The World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently, Marcus Buckingham writes: It turns out that great teachers say they love being doubted. They cherish those moments. Great teachers instinctively interpret the “doubters” as students, and they see doubting as a sign of an active, inquisitive mind. For great teachers, then, Read more about Great Coaches and Doubters[…]

Pressing and Skill Development in Youth Basketball

On another site, coaches discussed the merit of a no-press rule for pre-high school players with many different suggestions. The argument against pressing was the lack of skill development to handle the press (something that continues to the high school level). This is true. But, I do not understand how it is true. Now, at Read more about Pressing and Skill Development in Youth Basketball[…]

Key Coaching Concepts with Mike Woodson

Earlier this week, Henry Abbott linked to an article by Lang Whitaker about Atlanta’s Head Coach Mike Woodson. The article describes a scene that we rarely see (team meeting at the hotel on the morning of a game), but is an essential aspect of coaching, especially at higher levels. This team has a chance to Read more about Key Coaching Concepts with Mike Woodson[…]

Simplicity of Coaching

In Wednesday’s Los Angeles Times, I read an obituary for legendary El Segundo High School baseball coach John Stevenson, who won over 1,000 games and coached George Brett, among others. His long-time assistant coach, Craig Cousins, said: “He felt if you could prepare your players to the best of your ability and they went about Read more about Simplicity of Coaching[…]

Real Life Costs of Bad Coaching/Teaching

When we speak about good and bad coaches, we generally speak in terms of their competitive performance and ability to develop and maximize their players’ talents. Even at youth levels, we criticize a coach’s zone offense or timeout usage. In the overall scheme, these competitive flaws (or strengths) are a small piece of a coach’s Read more about Real Life Costs of Bad Coaching/Teaching[…]

Attacking Zones through Small Combinations

In Coach, edited by Andrew Blauner, John McPhee’s chapter “VBK” centers on Butch van Breda Kolff and his relationship with Bill Bradley at Princeton. Van Breda Kolff simply tells his boys to spread out and keep the ball moving. “Just go fast, stay out of one another’s way, pass, move, come off guys, look for Read more about Attacking Zones through Small Combinations[…]

Team Offense: A Philosophical Decision

With my team at the developmental level, we run a very unstructured offense. We have a “play,” but it rarely looks as good as it does on paper. In games or practice scrimmages, players speed up, lack patience, or pivot too slowly, which prevents perfect execution. Luckily, my goal is not to run the play. Read more about Team Offense: A Philosophical Decision[…]

Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletter, Vol. 4 Links

Issue 2 How to Juggle Issue 3 Woodward focuses on ‘extra 1%’ with enlistment of vision expert from World Cup staff Tyreke Evans’ Euro-Step Tyreke Evans’ Stride-Stop Issue 4 Long-term Athlete Development: Trainability in childhood and adolescence, windows of opportunity, optimal trainability Finishing what he starts – Brooks gets tricky to score around much bigger players Read more about Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletter, Vol. 4 Links[…]